Certificate of Completion in Paralegal

This certificate is included with the Associates degree, but is also available to students looking to expand their educational and career opportunities.

Certificate Stats

Certificate of Completion (36-39 credit hours)

Cost per credit hour: $250

Career Choices

Our paralegal certificate of completion program is specifically designed to give you the skills and knowledge you’ll need to prepare you to work in a professional legal setting.

Classes You’ll Take

You’ll learn the fundamentals of legal research and writing. Our certificate program will take you through the ethics training and legal knowledge you’ll need to prepare you for entering the paralegal field. You’ll learn about tort law, software, critical thinking, litigation, business law, and the foundations of the paralegal profession. Go full-time or earn your certificate part-time: Learn at your own pace.

  • What Will I Learn?

    Topics covered in this certificate:

    • Use of various software applications. (BPC110, CIS105)
    • Review written materials to determine tone, purpose, audience, and viewpoint. (CRE101, ENG101, ENG107)
    • Rhetorical contexts such as circumstance, purpose, topic, audience, and writer. (ENG101, ENG107)
    • Role, responsibilities, and ethical standards of the paralegal. (PAR102, PAR104, PAR222, PAR224)
    • Paralegal ethical issues. (PAR102, PAR104, PAR224)
    • Organization and responsibilities of the various court systems. (PAR102, PAR106, PAR112)
    • Regulation of the paralegal industry. (PAR104)
    • Elements of types of torts, negligence, and defenses. (PAR104, PAR106, PAR208)
    • Responsibilities of the paralegal in the civil litigation process. (PAR106, PAR112, PAR114)
    • Sources of federal and state law. (PAR106, PAR112, PAR222)
    • Paralegal responsibilities in the evidentiary phase of trial, post-trial, and appeals. (PAR106, PAR114, PAR224)
    • Elements of contracts. (PAR106, PAR206)
    • Legal principles of tort, contract, and criminal law. (PAR106, PAR206, PAR208, PAR222)
    • Responsibilities of the paralegal in tort law. (PAR106, PAR208)
    • Role of the paralegal in the research process. (PAR106, PAR222, PAR224)
  • Class Schedule

    Classes you’ll take

    CIS105 (3): Survey of Computer Information Systems or BPC110: Computer Usage and Applications

    CRE101 (3): College Critical Reading and Critical Thinking or Equivalent as indicated by assessment

    ENG101* (3): First-Year Composition or ENG107*: First-Year Composition for ESL

    PAR102 (3): Foundations of the Paralegal Profession

    PAR104 (3): Ethics for the Paralegal

    PAR106 (3): Legal Foundations for Paralegals

    PAR112 (3): Paralegal Fundamentals of Litigation

    PAR114* (3): Paralegal Litigation

    PAR206* (3): Paralegal Business Law

    PAR208* (3): Introduction to Tort Law

    PAR220* (3): Paralegal Writing

    PAR222* (3): Paralegal Research

    PAR224* (3): Law Office Technology for the Paralegal

    *Indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites

  • Flexible Block Calendar Scheduling

    Rio offers flexible start dates and class times, so you can create a schedule that works for you. Plan out your degree and certificate classes by checking out our Block Calendar System.

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