Guest Students

For students looking to supplement their education or career with a class or two, Rio offers a wide range of general education and career-specific courses.

Sometimes you want a single serving instead of a full feast. You don’t have to be pursuing a degree in order to be a student at Rio. If you’re looking to pick up a single class or a handful to meet some prerequisites, learn a new skill, or just scratch an intellectual itch, Rio is here for you. And with our flexible schedules, you can pick up a class or two at Rio while navigating the working world or learning at another institution!

Enrolling Is Easy

Joining America's Online Community College® is a simple four-step process. Be sure to talk with a Success Coach: They can guide you through the enrollment process and help you find the classes that best reflect what you want to achieve as a student at Rio.

Transfer Credits

Our online classes are designed for maximum transferability. Taking classes at Rio is a great way to satisfy a degree requirement, make up a a class, or sample a field you’re interested in learning about without diving into the deep end of a degree program. 

Talk with our team of Success Coaches about transferability and find out which classes will work best for what you want to achieve. They’ll help you through every step of the transfer process.

We also encourage you to speak with your advisor at your home institution regarding the acceptance of our transfer courses prior to enrollment.