Community Events

We host events and travel to conferences throughout the year to ensure that Rio remains a strong, vibrant thread woven through the fabric of our communities.

An Active Member In Your Community

Translated from the original Spanish, Rio Salado means "Salt River." Like a river, we're committed to being a life-giving force that flows through our communities. And like the humble salt crystal, we believe that a good educational institution helps preserve good things. That's why America's Online Community College™ is an active member of our local and national communities. We're committed to working with charities, putting on fun events that bring members of the community together with Rio students and faculty, and hosting feedback sessions with students and alumni across the country so we can continue to improve the Rio experience. We're also an active presence at academic and scholastic conferences across the nation.

Rio Roundtables

Rio Salado College may be coming soon to a city near you! Representatives from the school regularly attend conferences and summits across the nation. Dr. Floyd Hardin III will be hosting Rio Roundtable sessions during these conferences—informal get-togethers where Rio students and alumni can share their experiences and offer their perspective on what it's like being a student at America's Online Community College®.