Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Administration of Justice is included in the Associate’s degree program. A strong choice for students who want to learn about the justice system or enhance their occupational skills.

Certificate Stats

Certificate of Completion (30 credit hours)

Cost per credit hour: $250

Career Choices

A Certificate of Completion can give you the background and expertise needed to enter a variety of careers in the criminal justice field, including:

  • Police officer
  • Police assistant
  • Detective
  • Detention/Correctional officer
  • Bailiff/Judicial assistant
  • Legal assistant
  • Private investigator
  • Dispatcher
  • Private security personnel
  • Victim advocate
  • Federal law enforcement
  • Support staff
  • What You’ll Learn In This Program
    • Synthesize multiple sources of information to make timely assessments. 
    • Solve problems through logical and sound reasoning. 
    • Communicate orally, visually and in writing precisely, appropriately, and effectively to varied audiences. 
    • Communicate in the language common to the criminal justice system. 
    • Collaborate with diverse agencies, community representatives and individuals to achieve common goals.
    • Apply the principles and processes of criminal and Constitutional law, criminology theory, knowledge of the functions and components of the criminal justice system, and current issues to criminal justice operations. 
    • Utilize technology to collect, analyze and communicate data.
    • Practice professional standards appropriate to the field of criminal justice. 
    • Subscribe to and practice ethical behavior appropriate to the field of criminal justice. 
  • Class Schedule

    Classes you’ll take

    The Certificate of Completion program is 30 credit hours. In order to earn your CCL, you have to get a grade of “C” or better in all courses.

    AJS101 (3): Introduction to Administration of Justice

    AJS109 (3): Substantive Criminal Law

    AJS113 (3): Criminal Justice Crime Control Policies and Practices

    AJS212 (3): Juvenile Justice Procedures

    AJS225 (3): Criminology

    AJS230 (3): The Police Function

    AJS240 (3): The Correction Function

    AJS255 (3): Crime, Law, and Mental Health

    AJS260 (3): Procedural Criminal Law

    AJS270 (3): Community Relations

  • Flexible Block Calendar Scheduling

    Rio offers flexible start dates and class times, so you can create a schedule that works for you. Plan out your degree and certificate classes by checking out our Block Calendar System

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