Brandman Scholarships

Interested in furthering your education at our partner college? You could be eligible for a scholarship from Brandman University.

Scholarship Opportunities With Brandman University

If you're looking to complete a four-year degree, go into a Master's program, complete your Doctorate, or just pick up a few courses or Continuing Education credits, a Brandman scholarship can be a great way to save money while pursuing a high-quality education.

Scholarship options include:


  • Undergraduate programs, including Brandman MyPath™ self-paced online degrees: 10% scholarship


  • Master’s degree programs: 10% scholarship
  • Select credential programs, including the MA in Teaching and MA in Educational Leadership and Administration: 15% scholarship
  • MAELA: 20% scholarship


  • Brandman's prestigious Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership: 10% scholarship

Continuing Education:

*Total scholarship amount may vary by student depending on academic history and program of choice. Brandman tuition rates are subject to change. The scholarship cannot be combined with any other allowance or special pricing, including military tuition rates. To be awarded your Premier Partner scholarship, you must fill out and submit the Brandman Scholarship Application Form after admission. Please ask your OneStop Specialist for details.