Transfer to Brandman University

Interested in moving on to a four-year institution? We've partnered with Brandman University to make transferring your Rio Salado credits a smooth and friction-free process.

Get Your Four-Year Degree From Our Partners At Brandman University

At Rio Salado, we're committed to student success. It's why we only partner with other educational institutions that share our commitment to creating supportive environments that bring out the best in their students. Brandman University's commitment to student success makes them a wonderful next stop for any Rio student looking to deepen their journey through higher learning.

Brandman University is a private, nonprofit university with over 25 locations in California and Washington. They have one of the highest graduation rates among private universities in the country! Offering both online and on-campus classes, Brandman’s curriculum and student services are geared around helping working adults learn the skills and knowledge they’ll need to take their personal and professional ambitions to the next level.

We’ve partnered with Brandman to make the process of transferring your credits over to them as stress-free as possible. With the assistance of your Success Coach and our partner program pathways, you won’t have to worry about wasting time or money on classes that won’t transfer.


Partnership Scholarships

Whether you’re going to Brandman for undergraduate courses, Continuing Education, or to pursue a Master’s or Doctorate, you may be eligible for a partnership scholarship. Not only will you be able to broaden your horizons and develop your skill set at Brandman—you’ll be able to save money while doing it!