Transfer to Western Governors University

Interested in earning a four-year degree? We've partnered with Western Governors University to make transferring your Rio Salado credits a smooth process.


One of Rio Salado College's foundational beliefs is the idea that education should be personalized and tailored to the individual needs and abilities of every student. Everyone learns at a different pace and thrives in a different environment—that’s why we’re committed to offering affordable, flexible online classes that you can take on your own schedule. That core commitment is also what compels us to form partnerships with schools across the country that share that student-first mentality.

We’re proud to partner with Western Governors University. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, WGU is a non-profit online college that offers competency-based degree programs and classes. What that means is that a student’s progression at WGU isn’t based on semester or term ends—it's based on their ability to prove mastery of the material. For fast learners eager to get ahead, a competency education model is a great way to fast-track yourself towards graduation, saving you time and money. WGU also offers personalized, one-on-one faculty support so you’ll be assisted throughout your educational journey.

We’ve partnered with WGU to make the process of transferring your credits over to them as stress-free as possible. With the assistance of your Success Coach and our partner program pathways, you'll earn your associate degree, and then transfer to WGU for a bachelor's degree.


WGU Onward With Learning (OWL) Transfer Program

OWL is a guaranteed transfer program between Western Governors University and Rio Salado College. This partnership provides seamless academic pathways for students to complete their associate degree and guarantees admission into specific majors at WGU to promote timely bachelor's degree graduation.

As part of the program, students are eligible to earn a scholarship of $900 per six-month term, for up to two years, free online transfer courses and co-advising from WGU staff to ensure maximum credit transfer, and access to a social and emotional learning course the Program for Academic and Career Advancement (PACA)—that helps develop students’ confidence, communication skills, help-seeking skills, and planning, time management, and study habits.