Cost of Attendance

Each year, our Financial Aid team establishes standard student budgets based on institutional costs and estimated costs of living. These budgets represent an estimate of the Cost of Attendance for our online programs. The amount of aid that you receive cannot exceed our Cost of Attendance.

Two-semester budgets are based on 8 months of instructions represented by a 16-week Fall Semester Block and a 16-Week Spring Semester Block. Single-semester budgets are based on 4 months of instruction represented by a 16-week Fall, 16-week Spring, or 16-week Summer Semester Block. If you attend a single semester, you will only be awarded for the Cost of Attendance for the single period of enrollment.

By comparing the Cost of Attendance to your Estimated Family Contribution, the Financial Aid team is able to assess your need and process financial aid awards in a fair manner within the appropriate regulatory guidelines for each specific aid program.

This budget reflects typical expense patterns for our students in online programs. Some students will spend more than the standard amounts, while others will spend less, depending on individual lifestyles and circumstances. Eligibility for financial aid, however, is based on the standard budget allowances listed below – not on individual preferences and spending habits.

Remember, in order to receive financial aid, you must be eligible to qualify for financial aid and be enrolled in – and participating in – an eligible degree or certificate program.

These figures represent Fall and Spring semester blocks with enrollment of 6 credit hours or more AND Fall or Spring single periods of enrollment.

2019-20 Estimated Cost of Attendance

These figures are based on Fall and Spring semester blocks with enrollment of 6 credit hours or more. Students living with parent(s) Students living away from parent(s)
Tuition and Fees $4,500 $4,500
Loan Fees $80 $80
Books and Supplies $1,464 $1,464
Room and Board $4,384 $7,968
Transportation $384 $384
Personal $4,736 $4,736
Total $15,548 $19,132