Tuition and other costs

Affordable classes, transparent pricing, accessible education.

Rio Salado College is committed to keeping college accessible by offering you affordable tuition, capping your tuition, and providing credit for your prior learning.

Tuition is just $250 per credit hour for the first 11 credits a semester; if you take 11 or more credits, we've capped our tuition at $2,750 per semester. This is less than the amount you would have paid for 12 credits.

Please note: some classes require lab kits or proctored exams, which may require you to pay an additional fee.

Academic Year 2020-2021

Tuition $250/credit. Tuition is capped at $2,750/semester if you take 11 credits or more.
Returned check fee $15 per check
Military Student Tuition $225/credit (for more information about being a military student at Rio, see this page)
Official transcripts $5
Unofficial transcripts Free
Registration fee $15
Other Fees Tuition does not include Lab Kits or Proctoring Exam fees. Other fees for additional learning materials may apply.

Refunds for out-of-state students may also be subject to state law.


Military Tuition Rate Verification

As of 5/3/2021, the Maricopa Community College District Governing board approved a new tuition rate for students who are on active duty, a veteran, or a spouse/dependent of a service member who resides out of state or does not otherwise qualify for in-state tuition. The new rate is $225 per credit hour capped at $2,700 for students who take 12 or more credits.

To obtain this tuition rate students need to submit the appropriate documentation and be verified by AR&R they meet the requirements to get the aforementioned tuition rate. 

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Program Costs

The amount of credit hours you’ll need to take varies for each program and degree. Explore our degree and program areas for more information on pricing.

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Fund Your College Education

There are several different ways to pay for your education. For information on financial aid, payment plans, and scholarships, consult this page and talk to your Success Coach.