Law Enforcement Technology Partnerships

Rio has one of the largest public safety programs in the country. We’ve partnered with select justice departments to provide expert training.

Learn From Experts in the Field

We’ve formed partnerships with several states, establishing ties between Rio and law enforcement training academies across the country. Our partner states have training academies and agency training that will provide Rio students with the skills and proficiencies they need to thrive in the justice field.

Credit by Exam

Academy graduates from authorized academies, law enforcement officers and former officers can earn a Certificate of Completion in Law Enforcement Technology (39 hours of college credit) through credit by examination. Two processes are provided for earning this credit:

Rio Salado College has established partnerships with Law Enforcement Standards and Training Commissions (POST) and individual academies in several states. Rio Salado has reviewed and approved these partners' academy curriculum as of a specific date or class number. All graduates successfully completing these curriculums may earn college credit without additional testing. Rio Salado will verify successful completion of the required curriculum and award grades based on academy examinations or state licensing exams.

Officers and former officers who have not completed an approved curriculum are still eligible to earn college credit. Non-officers are not eligible for this process. Completion of a series of examinations is required. These examinations are administered at a testing location convenient to the applicant in their state of residence. Grades are awarded based on the scores achieved on these examinations.

To determine which process you qualify for, simply click on the appropriate state listed below. If

your agency and/or academy's state is not listed, click on other location links to learn what credit by examination process is applicable to you. Once you have determined your eligibility, you may print out the Credit by Examination Application, Fact Sheet, and any additional instructional material provided. Opening these forms requires the use of Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Partnerships Within the State of Arizona